'SHERPA' Solution to New Service Experience in Car Rental

sherpa cozumu new service experience in vehicle rental
sherpa cozumu new service experience in vehicle rental

User experience design studio SHERPAoffering practical and economical solutions in car rental MOOV by Garenta In addition, we have designed an innovative application that offers users a streamlined and rational instant car rental experience.

These processes are practical and fast, thanks to the cars that are becoming increasingly widespread all over the world and equipped with telematics technology to ensure that vehicle data is retrieved and transmitted to the services. Designed by Vector Telecom and the SHERPA Experience Design Office for the realization of an innovative business model, Moov by Garenta brought a smooth and rational breath into the hourly car rental experience.


In addition to its practical and economic solutions in the vehicle rental, Garenta's new product MOOV by Garenta, which stands out with its innovative vision, offers users the opportunity to rent the vehicle they want for any time they want, in certain regions. In this hourly rental mode called Download-Call-Drop, when the user requests the vehicle from the smartphone application, the valet delivers the desired vehicle to the specified location, the driver leaves the vehicle to the desired position after completing the vehicle use and only pays as much as he uses.

Moov and Garenta's vehicles, which have become a trend all over the world, are highly practical and fully tailored to the need, have already found the 35 bini with the support of the rental through Moov.

SHERPA, with its expertise in transforming technology into the experience, has designed the MOOV by Garenta service experience to create an extremely simple and fluent instant hire process for both the targeted users and the support team.

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  1. I used it once, they give good service. Good luck.