Increase in Public Transportation in Bursa

new regulation on mass transportation prices in scholarship
new regulation on mass transportation prices in scholarship

The public transportation prices, which have been kept constant since 2016 in Bursa, and have been applied by the Metropolitan Municipality twice in a row up to a total of 18, were reorganized due to the increased costs.

The local public transport prices, which have been kept constant since 2016 in Bursa, have been redefined with the recent UKOME decision. 28 Since November 2016, the city public transportation prices have been kept constant for a long time despite the increase of 55 in transportation costs. Although no price increase was made by the Metropolitan Municipality, the price discount was applied twice as between 4-10 and 10-17. UKOME, in its 19 April 2019 meeting, re-determined the public transportation prices in Bursa by taking into consideration the high increases in diesel, personnel and maintenance costs. New 55 1 2019 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX

With the new regulation; Students who use a subscriber card can make 160 TL card with 100 boarding to 0,63 TL per boarding. Thus, the group with the most inexpensive boarding passes in Bursa was again students. Full subscribers will benefit from public transportation to 1,13 TL and discount subscription group 0,81 TL. 1 May will be valid as of Wednesday tariffs using BursaKart passengers in BursaRay full 2,55 TL, student 1,45 TL and discounted 2,10 TL will be able to travel. In the case of short lines in city travel cards, one-time tickets will be sold at 5 and 2 tickets will be sold at 8 TL.

Costs have increased a lot

Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş stated that there has been no increase in public transportation fees since 2016. Bu As soon as we took office in Bursa, we made two discounts in public transportation. We had a discount of one percent with 4 with 10 and one with 10 and 17 with a percentage of 18. But since 2016, fuel, labor costs, such as 57 increased costs. We'il do a little raise. Interviewed at UKOME. I'm hopeful of signaling optimization. 287 thousand people from the 460 thousand will be moved to be moved. The raise will not be very high. Yap

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