Fire and Crash Drill in the Sabuncubeli Tunnel

fire and accident
fire and accident

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Fire Department teams, approximately 4 miles Sabuncubeli Tunnel took a large role in the exercise, helped the teams.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department teams participated in the drill held in the Sabuncubeli Tunnel, which is approximately 4 kilometers long. Representative fire and kazanAmong the official institutions, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department, Manisa Provincial Health Directorate, Manisa Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate, International Medical Search and Rescue, Gendarmerie, Highways, Police, and Manisa Radio Amateurs and Search and Rescue Association from non-governmental organizations ( MAT), Manisa Chamber of Drivers and teams of relevant institutions from İzmir province. According to the scenario, a traffic accident involving two vehicles occurred in the Sabuhcubeli Tunnel in the direction of İzmir. Passengers in one of the vehicles were thrown out of the vehicle in the accident. The other vehicle began to burn due to the impact. With the news of the incident, the teams took action.

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The entrance of the tunnel to the vehicle traffic after the traffic teams who entered the tunnel Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Department of Fire Department teams and AFAD teams, the wounded did the first interventions. Fire crews then intervened in the burning vehicle. Following the interventions, the wounded were referred to the hospitals by 112 Emergency teams. The highways teams in the tunnel provided road safety by informing the drivers using the road. Providing support for search, rescue, equipment and communication, MAT members supported the AFAD and fire brigade teams, contributing to the rescue of the wounded and security. The first intervention of the wounded and the referral to hospitals, the vehicles involved in the accident from the road pulling out, the tunnel was opened to vehicle traffic, the exercise ended successfully.

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