Sakarya Traditional Bicycle Tour Countdown

Sakarya Traditional Cycling Tour
Sakarya Traditional Cycling Tour

Traffic Week 7 supported by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality. 5 will take place at the Democracy Square at 11.00 on Sunday, with the slogan 'Priority of Life Priority Pedestrians'. 54 pieces of bicycle and bike bags will be distributed in the event.

Metropolitan Municipality, Governorate and Sakarya Bicycle and Outdoor Sports Association organized in cooperation with 'Traffic Week 7. Traditional Bike Tour '5 will take place on May Sunday. This year's 'Priority Priority of Life Emotion' will be held with the slogan of the bike tour, Democracy Square starts and will end in Sakarya Park. Those who participate in the event will be presented with gifts and will be eligible to participate in the lottery.

54 pcs bicycle and bike bag
In the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, açık Traffic Week 7. Traditional Bike Tour 5 will take place on Sunday, May at 11.00, Democracy Square. 8.30 10.30 8.30 10.30 54 54 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX Pedals will be converted from Democracy Square to Sakarya Park. All our citizens are invited to our event Etkin.

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