Public Announcement from IETT!

iettden public announcement
iettden public announcement

IETT General Directorate of Enterprises, some of the media about the claims made in the media about the claims made unrealistic.

The written statement made by IETT is as follows; “The auctions that are subject to the news are services that are not leased or privatized, but are operated for the operation of buses owned by IETT.

New operating models are developed and implemented by IETT by examining successful business examples in the world in order to enable the public transportation service in a more effective, efficient and sustainable way. In this context, the operating model successfully implemented in large metropolitan cities such as Seoul, Singapore and Moscow was implemented in Ayazağa and Kurtköy garages.

In this model, fuel, maintenance, repair, replenishment, cleaning and other service preparation services and chauffeur service belong to the contractor. The Contractor obtains its progress over the unit price defined in the tender as a response to the service it provides and does not generate any other income.

Ownership of the buses subject to the procurement of services and journey revenues were not transferred to the contractor. The ownership of the buses and garages and the travel revenues belong to IETT.

The part of the contractor that is not covered by the compulsory traffic insurance of the İETT vehicles belongs to the contractor.

IETT is a public institution established by law and its work and operations are audited by the Judicial Bodies, Civil Inspectors, TCA and IMM Council in terms of legal, administrative and financial aspects.

All of the service procurement tenders for the business model have been carried out through EKAP under the supervision and supervision of the Public Procurement Authority in accordance with the legislation, and no public loss has been reported regarding the auctions.

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