High Speed ​​Train 2023

speedy train
speedy train

Republican People's Party (CHP) Sivas Deputy Us Karasu, 2019 year end are expected to begin test driving and Ankara as described would enter service in 2020-Sivas High Speed ​​Train (GLR) Turkey in which he noted the economic situation they do not expect the service to enter before because of 2023 years .

Karasu's claim that minds ir Black train is late, maybe never comes di brought the song.

Republican People's Party Sivas Deputy Us Karasu, Turkey's high-speed train scheduled to arrive in Sivas due to the economic situation in the 2020 said they believe the future before 2023.

Karasu said that the high-speed train did not anticipate the arrival of the 2023 in Sivas before the end of the year. However, please complete their work, please complete. Citizens are not cheap. In some areas, there are high-speed train accidents. Perform the necessary tests and tests on the signaling system. Let us not show accidents in these regions should Allah show.

Karasu said that the construction sites had not yet been fully opened. Ğı The high speed train is a project for the country. It is an essential project for the underdeveloped provinces such as Sivas. When the power was first explained, we were very happy as all the Sivasites. Then what they said 2014'de Fast train from Sivas to Istanbul in five hours, said they would go. What happened was 2015, 2016, was 2017, 2018 and 2019 was still the fastest train did not come. Now they say that the high-speed train will arrive at 2020. I think that investments will be cut a little further due to the economic hardship. Therefore, it is not possible for the high-speed train to finish in 2020. No test drive or something. It was to be built in Kızılırmak Project. No studies were conducted on this subject. Since we can not create attraction centers in Sivas center, our shopkeepers are closing every day. The café street was built and all the trades have locked the door. Blood crying blood on the expression of trades. 10 thousand people in the dormitory of Cumhuriyet University campus now students from the region to the center does not come easy. The shopkeepers who are familiar with the students have become unable to give the rent ”. (Great Sivas News)

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