Thousands of Izmirians Run for Those Who Can't Run - Wings for Life World Run

Thousands of İzmiris Running for Those Who Couldn't Run
Thousands of İzmiris Running for Those Who Couldn't Run

Wings for Life World Run: One of the biggest sporting event for the world's help, "Wings for Life World Run" in the xnumx'ünc the time Turkey hosts the foot Izmir, lived than any since the days. 4 thousand people participated in the race organized to raise funds for research on the treatment of spinal cord paralysis.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr. Buğra Gökçe, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Director of the Department Ilker Kozan and Private Secretary of the Office Nur Özgül took place.

Organized to support research for spinal cord paralysis "Wings for Life World Run" s, Turkey leg was held in Izmir Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, with the contribution. The race, which started in 12 cities in 346 countries around the world at the same time, was started at the İzmir Park Lausanne Gate. 9 thousand competitors, Port, Altınyol and Karşıyaka and ran towards Menemen. worldwide 82 more than a thousand runners's participation in the race in Izmir, showed his sensitivity again on charity.

In this year's organization of the Wings For Life Run, where each competitor made a donation under the slogan yıl We are running for those who cannot run, Life Izmit mir Büyük Özgür Municipal Municipality Secretary of State, Özgül, also took part in the wheelchair category. The driving force of Nur Özgül was İlker Kozan, the Principal Clerk of the Metropolitan Municipality of İzmir.

“This is a favor movement“

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Mr. Grant Gokce also joined the race with Turkey Spinal Cord Injury Association President Ramazan head.

Since 2014, millions of people have come together at the same time for the spinal cord paralyzers all over the world, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Buğra Gökçe said, ileri We have made running for those who are not running a part of İzmir. We are very happy to have hosted this 4 for the third time.

A big organization that our President Tunç Soyer owned and supported like our previous Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu and 9 bin Izmir's participation is also pleasing. I would like to thank the people of Izmir who cannot participate and they do not reproach the roads that are covered. They know it's the beginning of a favor. This is a movement of goodness, a person who loves a person that everything started, the world will save the beauty of people who think. That beauty begins in İzmir for the fourth time. ”

Driving force Special Pen Manager

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer'i proud to represent the pride of the private office of the Director Ilker Kozan, physically disabled Private Pen secretary Nur Ozgul said it would be the driving force. Nur Özgül, the Secretary of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, said: şt In the first run, I ran 9 in the second run. Now I trust more of my driving force and I'm going to run more. It is a great pleasure to represent our president here. Mutluluk

Celebrities also took part

Riders in the category of wheelchairs will push and attract themselves with the help of miles traveled. In addition to the motorcyclists among the famous artists, Ozan Dogulu, Enis Arikan, Sebnem Bozoklu, Itir Esen Rain Un, Ilyada Alisan, Ece Yasar, Boncuk Yilmaz Kantarci, Ayse Tolga, national athletes Yagiz Avci, Ayse Begum Onbasi, Kubra Dagli, Ahmet Arslan and Cem The names like Bölükbaşı ran with thousands of people.

They challenge

Wings for Life World Run Izmir was the scene of meaningful images. "This leg will work friends' is the name of the campaign with spinal cord paralyzed announced to Turkey Alper Pat walker walked about 200 meters. Serhat Erönal, who returned from death due to jumping into the water and had a spinal cord paralysis, had a close spine to the 30 but had a spinal cord paralysis because of the wrong treatment also took his place in a wheelchair in İzmir. Serhat, triathlete survived cancer twice Can Ustundag and group ran the driving force of Ibrahim Koyun.

Step in hope in Switzerland

David Mzee, a patient with spinal cord paralysis, who managed to take his first steps without support last year thanks to research funded by the Wings for Life Foundation, joined the rally in Switzerland. Mzee took her place at the start of the race to allow more spinal cord paralysis to take his unsupported steps.

Turkey Spinal Cord Injury Association President Ramazan head as "there is more than 3 million for spinal cord paralysis in the world. There's a cure for this disease. But research is very costly. The Wings for Life Foundation has undertaken a great mission. They provide a serious economic power to work to find the first treatment in the world. The effort of the Foundation means hope for us. Today, I would like to thank everyone who shared this hope with us Bugün.

Support for Red Bull athletes Wings for LifeWorld Run

Ayşe Begüm Onbaşı: It is a great pleasure and pride for me to be a part of this organization. We are taking steps to help others improve and live better conditions. The thought is exciting.

Ahmet Arslan: We didn't feel sorry for anyone getting caught. We hope you will receive the happy news we expect at the end.

Kübra Dağlı: This is one of the world's greatest favor. One person took the first steps without support due to the funds provided by this run. We had the happiness of taking our steps for more.

Yağız Avcı: Wings For Life World Run is a very special organization. Previously I was involved in this organization behind the wheel of the Capture Tool. And now I'm going to follow those who run for those who can't run. Together we are looking for hope for spinal paralysis.

Cem Bölükbaşı: Thanks to this run, the whole world is running to offer a solution to the paralysis of the spinal cord. I am excited to be on duty for the first time in this special format that the race line has caught you.

Yağız and Cem at the wheel

The world's largest running in favor of the Ford Kuga Capture Tools 5 once one of Turkey Rally Champion Red Bull athlete swarthy hunter, the other the Red Bull Racing team driver esp Cem used the sergeant.

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