Batman-Diyarbakır Railway Line to Raybüse Available

batman diyarbakir railroad line railbuse
batman diyarbakir railroad line railbuse

Batmansonsöz Nusret Basmacı, head of Diyarbakır Branch and Adnan İnci, Batman Branch Chairman, supported the petition to convert the railway line on the Batman-Diyarbakır road to the railroad.


Basmacı and İnci, who visited the newspaper, explained that the active train line is also suitable for railroad transportation. Basmacı said that the rail system will be contributed to the state economy. Ine The 90 mileage train line between Batman and Diyarbakır is already active. The train line used in passenger transportation is also suitable for the railroad. Ğ


Basmacı stated that transportation can be carried out with diesel-powered emo-rail systems in the western provinces and the rail system to be established between Batman and Diyarbakır contributes to the state economy. The state provides revenue to the budget while operating it. Moreover, it is not a very costly project. It can be installed easily. Batman, Diyarbakir, civil servants, students in Diyarbakir, and students studying in Batman, 90 kilometers, 40 with rail system and can come in minutes. On this road, vehicle traffic is reduced, accidents are reduced, air pollution is reduced. Only the 2 set is enough. At the same time in the morning, the rail vehicles coming out of Batman and Diyarbakir will meet in Bismil, one in Batman and one in Diyarbakir. Thousands of passengers can be transported with 250 at least, with passengers on foot.


Basmacı and İnci, while signing our campaign ıza 20 used in Eskişehir year ago now we want this system to Batman. This is not an impossible project. We use the railway wagons in Batman, which are not used after the rail system is installed in the western provinces. However, Batman and Diyarbakır deserve more than the rail system. Politicians and bureaucrats should support this campaign. Siy

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