Yilmaz: Tekkekoy is turning into a new city, Metrobus is coming

Yilmaz: Tekkekoy is turning into a new city, Metrobus is coming. Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz, which will significantly relax the city traffic metrobus project will be completed by the end of the road to the end of the road fill, he said.
Investigating the field in which the work continues rapidly, Yilmaz Yilmaz, metrobus public transportation system, such as the rail system will benefit the city and society, he said.
Within the scope of the election campaign, Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz visited tradesmen in the Kutlukent region of Tekkeköy with Ak Party Tekkeköy Mayor Candidate Hasan Togar, Provincial Women's Branch President Nurhan Yapıcı Özel and district organization members. Listening to the problems of tradesmen and citizens, Mayor Yılmaz reminded that he had made great efforts to serve Tekkeköy for years, and recommended that they bring Tekkeköy Mayor's Candidate Hasan Togar to work in order to serve the district faster and permanently.
Underlining that the Samsun projects of Logistics Organized Industrial Zone, Food Organized Industrial Zone, Fair Congress Center, hotel investments, indoor sports hall and Stadium Samsun will benefit the district, Mayor Yilmaz emphasized that the metrobus project will bring a new vision to passenger transportation in the developing and changing Tekkeköy.
After the tradesmen trip, Mayor Yılmaz went to the project area on the Kirazlık coast with the parties and examined the works on the spot, and stated that if the passenger transportation that will be started with the metrobus will be insufficient in the coming years, the Light Rail System will be switched. Stating that the filling works of the area between the Bandırma Ferry and the animal shelter are continuing, Mayor Yılmaz announced that the sea fill stage will be completed at the end of the year. Mayor Yılmaz gave the good news that next year, there will be a metrobus service between Tekkeköy Junction and Gar Junction.
Mentioning that metrobus is one of the indispensable transportation comforts of modern societies in public transportation, Mayor Yılmaz said, “The life of our city is getting a new order, shape and format. Some of our change and transformation models come to life one by one. For example, in the industrial areas in the east of Samsun, a settlement with a population of 10 thousand, half-village half-town, with a very unknown presence, now a 35-person stadium, 7-person indoor sports hall, fair and congress centers. turns into a county. A new life begins there. In order to integrate this new life with the city, we have started the work towards connecting the rail system of the public transportation or the previous version of metrobus or trolleybus type transportation. Our people will want better as long as humanity exists. We, the managers, have to manage this demand in the best way. Even at times when people's demand slows down, we show a stance that gives people hope and raises the bar that people jump every day, putting them a new vision. ”
Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz also opened a pita bread hall, which started operating in Kutlukent İlkadım Sanayi Suoğlu Caddesi.

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