Tourism Will Be 12 Months In Ordu ... Cable Car Will Be Working Until Late Hours

The army will be a month of tourism tourism
The army will be a month of tourism tourism

Tourism in Ordu Will Be 12 Months… The Cable Car Will Work Until Late: The Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. Mehmet Hilmi Güler stated that Ordu has a great tourism potential with its sea and nature.

Tourism, when it comes to the sea of ​​mind, but in recent years that this phenomenon has begun to change President Güler pointed out that the winter season, nature and ecotourism has increasingly increased interest. The Black Sea Region, which includes these three features, the Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said, 'Tourism mobility in Black Sea is increasing. In order to get a share of this mobility, we continue our work in the finest detail. Perhaps the most fortunate and potential in the area of ​​winter tourism, nature tourism and ecotourism in the region. The army will no longer be the only summer 3 moon summer season. First of all, we will mobilize winter tourism. Meanwhile caravan tourism is gaining importance. For this purpose we have determined our routes for caravan tourism. Boztepe is our guest room. The ropeway will work late. In the meantime, we will put our projects into practice for each district to provide social facilities. We continue our efforts for the tourists coming to join the day and contribute to the economy and social life gelip.


Noting that there is a u culture i element in tourism, President Güler emphasized that the region has the highest potential in the region. Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Hilmi Guler, mi Army; with its history, culture, livable environment, enlightened people, theater and beauties. We want a nice, pleasant city. For this we want to revive ecotourism. About 400 we want to ensure that one of the most beautiful houses of the neighborhood is chosen and talk to the owners and restore one or two of them and use it as a hostel. Yaklaşık

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