Transportation to the City Hospital by the Bursaray Line

to the city hospital
to the city hospital

Time is going too fast proj The City Hospital project is the last example of the fact that it really went too fast.
It is called, until yesterday an to describe this rapid change.
Until yesterday, we were discussing the location of the hospital, then the location of the hospital. We were talking about long-term estimates.
The construction of the City Hospital has progressed far beyond the expectation, and is over before the planned period.
The Ministry of Health wants to open the hospital in June.
Seems like…
There is no physical deficiency in this modern hospital campus with its 6 hospital. If the medical staff, especially the doctor resolves, the hospital is ready.
Plans on access to the City Hospital did not proceed at the same pace as construction.
For example…
Bursa's light rail system has added City Hospital from April 2012 to its extension project from Emek to Balat.
So what…
Turkey's economic difficulties faced by the increase in foreign exchange rates and the project could not proceed beyond the stage effect. In the delay of the extension of the rail system to the City Hospital, the disruption of the high-speed train project to Balat was also effective.
When the countdown for the opening of the giant hospital begins, the Metropolitan Municipality is planning to solve the transportation problem with a temporary solution.
According to this…
Two new bus lines are being created from Acemler and Emek in order to reach the City Hospital until the Bursaray line is built. The buses that will make continuous rounds will come from Mudanya Road to the City Hospital from the Balat-Doğanköy route.
Bus services Otobüs
The use of the City Hospital and the circulation of passengers will be reinforced with new lines. (Olay - Ahmet Emin Yılmaz)

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