47 Million EURO Allowance for the Prototype of Domestic Cars Lost!

47 Million EURO Allowance for the Prototype of Domestic Cars Lost!
47 Million EURO Allowance for the Prototype of Domestic Cars Lost!

CHP Kocaeli Member of Parliament Tahsin Tarhan, who criticized the Minister of Industry Mustafa Varank's statement that 'The domestic car will be on the road in 2022', said, “Mr. Varank stated that a prototype vehicle will appear at the end of 2019. So where is the previous prototype taken with the payment of 47 million euro? Will not that prototype be used? ” he spoke.

SPOKESMANAccording to the news of Ugur ENÇ; CHP Kocaeli Deputy Tahsin Tarhan criticized the announcement of the Minister of Industry and Technology, Mustafa Varank, "A domestic prototype will be created by the end of 2019, and we will see our vehicles on our streets in 2022." Stating that the Ministry speaks differently and the Minister speaks differently, Tarhan replies, "In the reply to our written question dated May 9, 2019," You are responding to the legislation and physical studies for the transmission and distribution systems of the electric domestic car. " Then you go up to the screens and say 'We will see our vehicles in the streets in 2022'. How have you built a car? said.


Tarhan said: li We have repeatedly stated how to produce domestic cars and how to do it. Unfortunately, the people at the beginning of the work does not want to understand this situation. Each incoming minister continues the mistakes of the previous one. At the end of 2019, Mr. Varank stated that a prototype vehicle would appear. So where is the previous prototype taken by paying 47 Million Euro? That prototype will not be used? Why would you pay so much? Is there no public harm here? If not, should the Minister and those responsible for the term explain the issue? Bi folks who dream of converting the toy, Bi he said.


Tarhan was the speech continued: "Turkey is not as strong and hardware have agreed to do so may be wrong about a country's domestic automakers. You will say to the written question proposal, which is one of the control mechanisms, 'our infrastructure works are continuing, not yet finished'; Where are the factory, how many models, how many segments will you produce? For shame. "


Tahsin Tarhan finally said: '' UK's famous vacuum cleaner brand Dyson has completed the electric car project that it started 18 months ago and has reached the stage of production. They will manufacture the electric car, which they have also patented, with 500 people and will be offered for sale in 2021. Those who say 9 years on the road for the domestic car in each election period should be ashamed. Since they will not be able to make electric cars, let them make vacuum cleaners. Let them save the image of the Ministry of Industry. ”

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