Ankara Metropolitan Heats Over Underfloor Heating Works

ankara has been operating for heavy duty asphalt
ankara has been operating for heavy duty asphalt

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its asphalt and road works all around the capital.

Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs, capital in the winter months to provide both driving safety and to prevent icing, especially in the North-South axis of the city at the points on the bottom of heated asphalt works.

The longest road system of the first heated a second time after its establishment in Turkey of the Ankara Protocol way Hacettepe University applied this system in front of the Arden Tension Bridge.


Due to the high elevation and twist structure of the Hacettepe University Interchange Junction Bridge, which is under construction, the 310 meter 4 heating system cable was installed for the 10 meter post tensioning section of the bridge and 640 for the tire track in the two lanes in order to prevent icing in the winter months.

Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs officials, 320 explained the working principle of the underfloor heating asphalt road systems as follows:

Girerek The temperature and humidity sensors in the structure of the system are activated in the conditions where icing may occur and heating the cables. The system, which is automatically activated, thus prevents the possible icing by heating the road and is automatically deactivated when reaching a certain temperature. Devre

As the world roof surfaces in many cities in Turkey, gutters, pedestrian and vehicle roads, ramps, bridges, flyovers, sports arenas these systems provide, such as the prevention of accidents that may occur resulting from the ice on the roads in used and winter in different areas, hidden icing in front passing through provides a safe ride for drivers.


The connection roads of Hacettepe University Bridge Interchange, which are maintained by the Directorate of Science Affairs, are completed one by one.

In the first stage, the route of Angora Boulevard and Eskişehir Highway is opened to traffic in both directions, while the route to connect the junction with Bilkent City Hospital and METU-Teknokent Junction continues at full speed.

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