Trees Became a Victim of Başkentray

Trees Became a Victim of Başkentray: Celal Bayar Bulvarı'nda 6 tree was massacred for a second time from month to month. In May, 50 was cut off from the tree root for the new YHT Station. This time, an adult tree near the 30 was sacrificed during the Başkentray study.
Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) during studies conducted by BAŞKENTRAY, close to 30 tree belonging to the Metropolitan Emergency Hacettepe Six Park was interrupted. Citizens react to the massacre of the village of Celal Bayar, near the hospitals district, and rebelled as Cel Could not be transported Cel. The trees were cut and the branches of the trees thrown into the park next to the contractor company continued to work, he noted.
Ankara Metropolitan Municipality officials stating that the trees remain in the railway land, the trees themselves were not cut by said. Regarding an official ları We did not interrupt those trees. The trees are on the railway line. The land belongs to TCDD. When the railway was narrow, they cut it for work. It was made within the scope of Başkentray study lam.
In May, Celal Bayar Boulevard, Kazim Karabekir Street and Atatürk Boulevard between the section of the sidewalk, middle median and roadside 50 was cut on the tree.



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