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Mentese Intercity Bus Station Entered Service

80 percent of the energy it consumes from our roof consisting of solar panels with this feature and one of the first in Turkey Hinge Intercity bus station was opened with a large attendance. Muğla Metropolitan Municipality on the roof of the solar power plant with its own energy [more…]

prestige avenues
45 Manisa

Prestige Streets Are Very Good for Salihli

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality has provided citizens with new living spaces with the Şüheda and Acar 'Prestij Cadde' projects, which were brought to Salihli. Its completely renewed infrastructure; Prestige streets, which have gained the admiration of the people of Salihli with their modern superstructure arrangements, are also appreciated by the people of the district. [more…]

Modern Pedestrian Crossing to Gebze
41 Kocaeli

Modern Pedestrian Bridge to Gebze

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, in addition to the works it carries out to regulate vehicle traffic, performs applications for pedestrians to travel easily in traffic. The Metropolitan Municipality, which builds pedestrian bridges at the points where traffic flows, is safer [more…]

City Square car park hosts 20 thousand vehicles per month
41 Kocaeli

City Square Car Park Hosts Monthly 20 Bin Vehicle

The semi-automatic underground parking lot, which was built by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality in the former governorship area and made Kocaeli live the first, was put into service in September 2018. The car park, which hosts thousands of vehicles within 6 months of its service, [more…]

airport to airport every day 140 expedition
34 Istanbul

HAVAIST Organizes 140 Expeditions to Istanbul Airport Every Day

"HAVAIST", which is owned by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality affiliate Bus Inc., which provides luxury public transportation services to Istanbul Airport, has been organizing 10 daily flights to Istanbul Airport on 5 different lines as of January 140. HAVAİST, which is owned by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality affiliate Bus Inc. [more…]

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