Unhindered Transportation and Communication

unhindered transportation and communication
unhindered transportation and communication

There are about 10 million disabled citizens in our country. Under the leadership of the Ministry, important steps have been taken towards the restructuring of all transportation systems according to the needs of our disabled citizens through lar Unhindered Transportation and Communication engelli works.

As TCDD General Directorate of Transportation, we pay the necessary attention and care to ensure that both the disabled and our disabled passengers use their transportation rights in the best possible way.

In this context, we set up a standart Disabled Commission Bu to determine the service standards for the disabled.

We take the necessary precautions in terms of physical and service quality in order to make the best use of our disabled citizens in all our trains, especially our high-speed trains.

We have reserved a box office for our disabled passengers at the appropriate stations to buy tickets without waiting. We started a video call service via the 444 82 call center to ensure the communication of our hearing impaired passengers; We gave Eğitim Sign Language Training ”to our total 33 staff.

In addition to this, wheelchairs and two seats were allocated for our disabled passengers in YHT sets, while other trainings were designed according to this purpose. We are making efforts to ensure that both our new vehicles and our existing vehicles are accessible to our disabled passengers.

Again, in accordance with the free or discounted travel card regulations: only the handicapped passenger with an apology rate of 40 and above, the self-disabled person with an apology rate of 50 and above, and the accompanying companion have the opportunity to travel free of charge.

In summary, as TCDD Transportation family, we are working hard to fulfill our duties and responsibilities in order to meet the transportation needs of our disabled citizens.

I wish 3 December International Day of Persons with Disabilities to be beneficial to our disabled brothers and sisters in our country and in the world, and I greet them with respect and affection.

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