Bus Line from IMM to Make Children Love Science


The “Science Line” bus, launched by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, continues its activities to make children love science. From the renewable energy systems to space sciences, augmented reality to recycling systems, the bus contains a wealth of content, and students get to know the new generation of intelligent systems.

The “Science Line” bus, launched by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality under the slogan En The Shortest Line to Science ”continues its flights. Science and technology are at the feet of children with the bus that visits schools all over Istanbul.

The “Science Line” project implemented by IETT and IMM Youth Assembly was launched in 2015. A bus belonging to IETT was specially equipped with science and technological equipment and turned into a mini science center. She continues her visits to primary, secondary and high schools all over Istanbul.

Science Line includes experiment sets such as smart bus system, electric grid system, energy types, sandbox, plasma spheres, augmented reality - space adventure, recycling, energy test, wind and solar energy application. Science and technological equipment is introduced to the students by the staff. While instilling environmental awareness in students with recycling systems, it is aimed to increase their interest and interest in new generation scientific technologies with systems such as renewable energy and augmented reality. Science Line visited 2018 schools in 65. Tens of thousands of students have had the opportunity to experience new generation smart systems with visits to primary, secondary and high school schools since 2015.

END I've learned on the science line how energy is produced from the wind and the sun ”
Science Line bus stop this time was TOKİ Kayaşehir Mevlana Primary School. Elementary school student Kerem Demirel, who visited the Science Line bus, said that they should not throw the papers on the Science Line and that it is right to use them for recycling and that the papers are not wasted in this way. Ege Yermez, 10, said he learned that fuels are damaging to nature thanks to Science Line,, But I learned that electricity does not harm. I also learned that the sun is the most necessary thing in the world. I also learned that the water also generates electricity. Let's recycle the waste. If we throw it to the ground, the places will become polluted and damage the nature. ” Hilal Çetinkaya, a third grade student who explained that she thinks she has the opportunity to recycle the paper and use it again, said, ak If we do this, we will prevent the trees from being cut down. I have learned that renewable energy is produced by solar and wind energy, and that it does not harm nature at all. I would also like to thank the Metropolitan Municipality for providing them with this opportunity. ”

The schedule of the Science Line bus is determined by the demand of the schools. Those who want to see “The Shortest Line to Science” in their school, https://genclikmeclisi.istanbul You can create a request by filling out the "Thematic Buses Application Form" on the official website. The application form is evaluated and included in the visiting program as soon as possible.

IMM's Kısa Shortest Line to Science yakın is very close to everyone.

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