Bursa Talks About 'Accessibility and Accessibility' for Everyone

bursa is talking about accessibility and accessibility for everyone
bursa is talking about accessibility and accessibility for everyone

At the Bursa Speaking meeting organized by Bursa City Council, 'Accessibility and Accessibility' was discussed.

The Bursa City Council, which aims at the participation of all the layers of society in local decision-making mechanisms, organized a Bursa Speaking meeting with the title 'Accessibility and Accessibility' for all. Atatürk Congress Culture Center (Merinos AKKM Hüdavendigar Hall program, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Vice President Mihrimah Kocabıyık, Bursa City Council Vice President Şuayip Toprak, Family, Labor and Social Policies Deputy Provincial Director Oya Demirel, Bursa City Council Secretary-General Murat Başlar, President of Disabled Assembly İbrahim Sönmez, members of the city council's executive committee, representatives of disability associations, individuals with disabilities and their families.

Speaking at the opening of the program Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mihrimah Kocabıyık, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, to draw attention to the problems faced by disabled people and develop projects for their solutions, said they have conducted consultancy services. Kocabıyık stated that one of the most important projects provided by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to the city is the engelli Center for Handicapped Living sağlamak. Our center will also work to raise awareness of the state of disability in the society, contribute to a sensitive structure of society that respects the rights of people with disabilities, as well as to strengthen communication between disabled and unhindered individuals. Merkez Disabled Vehicle Repair Workshop Kocabıyık providing information about the disabled, manual and cordless tools of the repair, maintenance, spare parts needs, free of charge, he added.

Bursa City Council Vice-President Şuayip Toprak said that they had organized another meeting to be an example to Bursa. . Bursa City Council talked about the fact that hundreds of people have laid the table with the participation of hundreds of people. Da Since the establishment of Bursa City Council, 82 has organized a meeting on various topics. The views of these meetings were sent to the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa. We will send suggestions and opinions from our meeting to a report and send them to related institutions and organizations. I would like to thank the Metropolitan Municipality and President Alinur Aktaş who never supported us. Biz

In the first session of the meeting, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Disability Branch and Provincial Directorate of Family, Labor and Social Policies gave information about the activities of their institutions on 'Accessibility and Accessibility' issues.

In the second session of the meeting, the participants were promised one by one. Şuayip Toprak, Vice President of Bursa City Council, attended the meeting with Bursa City Council Secretary General Murat Başlar and Bursa City Council Disabled Council President İbrahim Sönmez.

At the meeting;
Af - The occupation of tradesmen and vehicles should be taken under control,
- Disabled ramps on sidewalks should be made more visible,
- There should be a private health line for the disabled,
- Schools should be made suitable for the education of disabled people "
dozens of suggestions came. Opinions and suggestions will be sent to the institutions and organizations related to the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Assembly.



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