Cable Car Expeditions Started Again in Keçiören

Kecioren Municipality, Subayevleri and the route of the cable car providing access to the Tepebaşı line 3 month-long maintenance and repair work by completing the cable car service to citizens opened.

The heavy maintenance and repair work of the ropeway, which is used in both transportation and touristic trips, has been completed with the utmost care to allow passengers to travel safely and comfortably. In the 8 cabins system, each cabin 16, which has a total of 3 cabins, had to be interrupted for about XNUMX months before the periodic and short-term maintenance as well as long-term maintenance.


Within the scope of maintenance and repair work, the mechanical system at the top of the tower towers of the ropeway was lowered and all equipment was reviewed with non-destructive examination method. The parts that were analyzed and problems that were thought to cause problems were removed and the sensor cables replaced and replaced with a new one. Maintenance and repair teams, the service and emergency braking stations in the station by testing; He replaced engine components, vertical and horizontal pulleys, klem balance rails, hydraulic units, shafts, steel ropes and rubber bearings with new ones. In addition, generator and transfer panels were also checked. 1000 annual long periodic maintenance has been completed with maintenance and repair works in which the part close to 10 has been replaced.


Inaugurated in 2008, the Mayor of Keçiören Mayor Mustafa Ak, who made evaluations about the cable car with 1653 meter station range, said: Mustafa During the maintenance and repair work we started for the safety and comfort of our citizens, we had interrupted the transportation of the ropeway. We have completed the necessary technical and technological maintenance. Our citizens can enjoy a more green and more aesthetic Kecioren from the air thanks to the 20 lasting ropeway. Vat

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