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İzmir Teleferik Scared: There has been a problem in the cable car facility that has been on the agenda since the day it was opened. 9, B.Ö. 2 said the minute journey was over for 40 minutes and a nightmare full

9 in Izmir Teleferik September Fear of the passengers experienced fear-filled moments. It was revealed that the passengers downloaded the pictures to the social networking site after the breakdown. The passenger who uploaded the photos wrote in his message: dur Our 2 journey lasted for 1 minute. We've been in the cab on that wire several times and when we wanted to go down, we were told that the lift was broken. Def The symbol of Izmir Balçova Teleferik facilities has been on the agenda since the day it was opened. The malfunctions were also seen with photos uploaded to social networking sites. 40 went on to make fun of his parents at the cable car facilities on Sept. The cable car that should take 9 minutes said that the journey of the cabin took 2 minutes and they were experiencing fearful moments. B.Ö. said that they wanted to go down when they went to the top of the cable car. In his message to the social media account, da Balçova Teleferik signed the scandal. Our 40 journey lasted for a full 2 minute, and the cabin stopped at the stop. We had to stay in the cabin over the wire for many times and when we wanted to go down, we were told that the cable-car broke down. Then 40 sent a small bus to the peak, a lot of people were filled into those buses, and when they were full of cliffs, we set foot on 4 işe de "People do not want to die on the bus are throwing nidal, shame" Izmir, I do not deserve this ... "" said the horror. BO. shared photos "Teleferik'da all people live in the infamy, people on top of each other to fill up the cliff with the fear of the cliff of the mentality, applause you," fell note. The problem of the electronic system of the cable car is a failure caused by the authorities of the Metropolitan Municipality of the system in the next day at noon and the voyages returned to the normal state of the fault reported. İZULAŞ officials on the issue while confirming the failure of the passengers with information about the bus down, he said.