Traffic Measures from Kocaeli Metropolitan to School Environment

17 in Kocaeli On Monday, thousands of students start 2018 - 2019 education period. With the help of the service vehicles with the students in the morning and evening hours, especially in the school on the main artery can experience densities. Metropolitan Municipal Police teams with the Provincial Police Department traffic control teams, to reduce the intensity to live and the city traffic to spend a busy time to spend a busy time. Acak Traffic Coordination Meeting m was organized to determine the measures to be taken before opening schools. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Municipal Police Department Serhan Çatal, the Provincial Security Directorate Traffic Inspection Branch Director Mehmet Gölükçü, Metropolitan Municipality and district municipalities attended the coordination meeting.

Metropolitan Municipality Police Department Traffic teams throughout the city during the education period on the main artery in the school environment, the Provincial Police Department will support the traffic teams. 40 staff of the 12 and 2 units working in the Traffic Branch Directorate will serve in front of the schools located on the main artery of Izmit to keep the traffic flowing in front of them.

In this context, Izmit Kuruçeşme Sinan Dereli Primary School, Kuruçeşme Old Prison Region, New Schools, Nuh Cement Secondary School, Ulugazi Primary School, Hızır Reis Secondary School and 50. Teams will serve in order to park the service vehicles in the year secondary school and to make the entrance and exit of service vehicles to the schools in advance. Metropolitan Municipal Police teams, district police teams in all districts along the main artery route in schools, traffic will continue to operate in a fluent manner.

Within the scope of the traffic coordination meeting, a mechanism will be established in order to prevent traffic on the sidewalks in order to prevent the density of pedestrian traffic at the crossroads of İzmit, Cumhuriyet, Alemdar, Turan Güneş, Bağdat avenues and Central Bank. Within the scope of the studies, it was decided to renew or replace the damaged delinators, change the damaged traffic signs and signs, pedestrian crossings and asphalt line works for public transportation stops. In addition, concrete mushrooms on the tram route in Izmit will be rearranged to prevent the passage of vehicles. In order to make pedestrians more comfortable in the city traffic, the works will be carried out on the main streets in all districts.

Günceleme: 24/12/2018 17:10

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