Pirate Transporters Are Not Shown in Kocaeli

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Public Transport Department with the control teams of the Provincial Police Department traffic police, piracy is continuing to control the transportation. In joint works, the necessary inspections of P-plate vehicles carrying personnel and workers are carried out. In addition to service vehicles, private public buses and commercial taxis are also being checked. The controls are performed between 06.30 saat 24.00 hours. As a result of the audits carried out, penalties are imposed on vehicles that do not have the necessary features and lack of documentation.


Transportation Inspection Teams carry out checks of road documents, guidance teachers, school vehicles, seats and seat belts of P-plate vehicles serving staff and students throughout Kocaeli. For vehicles carrying out of the scope of the General Directorate of the General Directorate of Security, traffic and material fines are applied and the pirated transportation is fought.


Private public buses operating under the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality are also controlled under control. Inspection teams inspect buses and buses at official routes. In addition, buses are being continuously monitored by electronic fare collection, vehicle tracking system and vehicle cameras. Checks are done not only in buses, but also in commercial taxis. Commercial taxis, which provide services depending on the Metropolitan Municipality, are checked and inspected for such qualifications as road certificates, licenses, taximeters, seats and seat belts.



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