President Türel's Thank You Visit

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Turel, Kepez district 3. He visited the shopkeepers on the Sakarya Boulevard and Yeşilırmak Street on the Stage Rail System Project and thanked for his patience.

Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Turel, the AK Party Kepez organized the visit with the organization. Species, 3. The Stage Rail System Project greeted the tradesmen and citizens on Yeşilırmak Street and Sakarya Boulevard, where the works of the project were fully developed. Kepezliler, Türel'i thank you for their services embraced. President Türel, who informed the citizens about the works, will be between Varsak and Zerdalilik 25 kilometers 3. He said that the Stage Rail System Project is progressing very fast, and the rail installation process has started.

Coffee gift
President Menderes Turel, 3. Kepez will skip the era, Kepezlilerin citizens Varsak'dan, Aksu'ya, Otogar'dan Işıklar'a, university, educational research hospital, wherever they want the most modern means of public transportation can reach the rail system, he said. Expressing that they can perform all the services in Antalya with the support and patience of the people of Antalya, President Türel thanked the tradesmen of Yeşilırmak Street and Sakarya Boulevard for their patience. Tural shopkeepers, 40 gave the annual gift of coffee.

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