Adana Main Transportation Plan should be prepared

Zekeriya Turanbayburt, Head of Adana Branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, stated that the irregularity of public transportation, narrow streets, rough roads, infrastructure works adversely affect the traffic of the city and that a “Transport Master Plan” should be prepared for Adana.

At a press conference, Turanbayburt emphasized that Adana, which is now a city with a rapid and distorted urbanization process, is a very problematic city in terms of transportation and traffic. Turanbayburt, with the opening of schools, as always, the problems are seen more folded, the upcoming rainy days of the traffic in the previous years, said that they know the experience made more unforgettable.

Irregularity of public transport, narrow streets, pavements that have been transformed into a car park or a commercial center, the arrival of vehicles in a beautiful park, walking paths into acrobatics, stalls that create chaos, infrastructure works, distorted roads, urban transformations on the basis of parcels which increase the density and lack of efforts to bring solutions to this disorder Turanbayburt stated that due to the problems of urban life became a ball of problems, said:
Tedir The continued progress of all these problems suggests that more than simple technical solutions are needed to improve transport. In order to establish the appropriate transport policy for the structure and benefit of Adana, first of all, it is necessary to carry out works that are not populist, eye-painting aiming at the need, as in solving all problems. We emphasize this, because unfortunately we do not see enough studies on the solution of urban traffic in Adana. A few good arrangements are far from meeting the requirements. Yap

Turanbayburt, who also offers solutions for the traffic problem, needs to prepare the bay Transportation Master Plan “for Adana. Transportation master plan work should be carried out in harmony, coordination and coordination with the layout plan, master plan, avoidance plan and implementation zoning plans. In the planning process, improvements should be made in the problematic traffic flow of Adana with simple and technically suitable solutions within the framework of traffic engineering. Planlama

Turanbayburt pointed out that the applications that invite motor vehicle traffic to city centers should be avoided. Yönünde In order to be able to use the limited road of our cities efficiently in the direction of accessibility, we have to reduce the density of the vehicles on the roads and increase the passenger density in the vehicles. The planning of restricted road infrastructure for human mobility rather than vehicle mobility will enable the efficient use of existing roads in the direction of human mobility hareket.

Emphasizing that public transportation needs to be emphasized, Turanbayburt stated that solutions should be produced for the “one ticket“ application in which public transportation types are integrated, and ini City center should be cleared of dolmuş. The minibuses should be run on the perimeter of the city in accordance with the physical conditions and the public transportation vehicles should be supported not in competition with each other. Transportation investments should be directed towards public transportation, and community education process should be started to use public transportation vehicles. In addition, schools should include trainings to encourage public transportation Ayrıca.

Turanbayburt stated that areas such as Çakmak Caddesi, Ali Münif Yeğenağa, Büyük Saat vicinity and Tepebağ Mound should be turned into a pedestrian zone with the understanding that ini The city is for people gerekti and Turanbayburt said, ağa The occupation of sidewalks with cars and artisans should be prevented. In the new areas to be opened for settlement, street, street, boulevard, houses and sidewalks in accordance with the spatial planning criteria should be kept wide and bicycle paths should be considered. Light rail should be re-projected with additional routes, especially university, hospital, bus station, airport and business center areas should be included in the project. Transportation from neighborhoods to light rail should be facilitated. Mah

Metropolitan and local administrators, the Traffic Branch Directorate of urban transportation and traffic problems to take urgent measures to solve the problem, said they invited to conduct a long-term study, ived It should be remembered that the problem, but if you really want to solve the planned, programmed, the way of science and technique will be resolved if working in the demonstration, göster he said.

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