Plate Period in Antalya Kaleiçi Boats

antalya kaleici
antalya kaleici

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Menderes Turel was distributing plate 46 boat trip in the Old City Marina, with a first application in Turkey.

Menderes Türel, Mayor of AK Party Muratpaşa District, Birol Ekici, Chairman of Mediterranean Sailing and Motor Carriers Cooperative, Abdullah Demircan, Kaleiçi and Adrasan Tour Boat owners attended the ceremony held in Kaleiçi Marina.

My goal is to live in Antalya
Türel stated that although it is a sea city with an 640 km coastline of Antalya, it is questionable how much it benefits from the sea. said.

Stating that they have taken many steps to this end, Chairman Türel said, Tür Our Konyaaltı coastal project was really great. Our marina projects, cruise port project until the sea bus with the sea in the maximum level to benefit from the sea and we are trying to make it live in nested, kur he said.

We are the first municipality
Turel said that they used to be the first municipality in Antalya, also said they had a first plate 46 boat trip in the Old City Marina in Turkey. President Türel, eler To date, no province of excursion boats in the province has not been given. And this happened to us. Bu

Pool system working well
Türel, who previously underlined that they had put up a pool system in order to provide better service to the yachts in the marina, said: This was not a nice image. We said, let's create a pool system, the entries get from one place. Let the cooperative be in the foreground. We did not know how many people in the boat, the total number of customers in the boat, we said we should distribute equally according to the capacity. And thanks to you, this system worked really well. I'm telling you everywhere. All of the services we have made real shareholder, the success of my citizens who live in Antalya. And you did it. We've just given you the support we've opened. Biz

The value of the boats will increase
President Menderes Türel stated that they will give a special boat plate if they apply to the boats which are not in the pool system and apply to the commercial activities with the new application. Your plates are also 07 Antalya KYL (Kaleiçi Yacht Harbor) 01, 02, 03 da. It will be. Thus, as in the same taxis, your boats have a stand and a plate. The value of the boats will increase. Not only your boats, but also your stops will be valuable. Good luck auspicious Hayır he said.

Türel, explaining that they shape the services in line with the demands of citizens, noted that during the recent visit to Kumluca, the owners of Adrasanlı crossing boats who would like to have their license plate in Kaleiçi Yacht Harbor will give the plate in 1 months.

They left the sea buses to rot
In order to introduce Antalya to sea transportation, President Türel recalled that they launched the sea buses in March 2009 in March. 2009 year these boats in the sea rotted. They just couldn't find a mink from a captain. Unfortunately, we have lived together in a period of powerless management. They made excuses. That is why our boats are not suitable for the sea of ​​Antalya said they did. Hüsnü Çöllü, who was the president of the Chamber of Shipping and later CHP MP, designed these boats with the consultancy of our deputy and we reached a conclusion on how to make the boats with his great contributions. But the excuse was that we were not in Antalya in the period we were not. And unfortunately, as a product of that excuse, the 2014 did not succeed in bringing them back to Kemer. We came to office again at 3 with the appreciation of our people, we started to work in April one month after being elected a month later. In May, these boats began to work between Kemer and Antalya Kaleiçi. You know, these boats weren't suitable for the sea. When I was chosen, the sea changed. But unfortunately, now we have to smile with those excuses for pain. The sea has not changed, the mindset has changed, the perspective of service has changed. That's how we look at maritime. Our aim is to make Antalya a living place in the sea. Today, I think 5 is close to millions of sea buses in Antalya or foreign guests came to the local guests 'Kemer'. We were instrumental in living in the sea..

4 new marina project
Türel, who stated that the works they carried out to reconcile and bring the people to the sea are not limited to these, said: We need to do more. One of them is in the cruise port project in Lara, the other is the Big Harbor. We are planning to offer our marinas to Kundu Acısu and Kopak stream on our marina with our cheap ties. These marinas, which will serve the local people, will be operated by the municipality and will be kept at the lowest cost. Yer

I do these services with great love
President Menderes Türel said that he started out with his love for Antalya and came to be a servant to the people of Antalya, and he concluded his words as follows: We are implementing many projects with the support of non-governmental organizations. We strive to manage this city with a participatory management approach. You are the real owners of these services. Without your support, these services would still not be available. Because unfortunately we didn't. As long as your support continues, we will continue to bring new visions to Antalya and make dreams come true. Support service from us. Destek

The first plate of Turel
Abdullah Demircan, Chairman of the Mediterranean Sailing and Motor Carriers Cooperative, stated that they will provide better and stronger service with plates and said daha We always stand by our Metropolitan Municipality which supports us in every issue Akdeniz.
After that, President Türel was given plates to the 46 excursion boat in Kaleiçi Marina. The symbol of the species was the first plate on a trip boat.



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