Strict Control of Pirate Transportation in Saruhanli

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, pirate transport in Saruhanli 'student and staff transport services were inspected. In the control where necessary controls were carried out, criminal proceedings were applied to those who made off-route transportation.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, Saruhanli 'student and staff transportation services J plate inspection. During the control of the necessary controls throughout the day, teams connected to the department of the off-road transport teams applied criminal proceedings. Stating that the inspections will continue periodically, Head of Transportation Department Hüseyin Üstün said, uz We are continuing our struggle against pirated transport without authorization certificate. In this sense, in the Saruhanli district, we applied criminal proceedings to the vehicle over 60 during the inspections we have conducted for nearly two months. Our inspections to pirate transportation and j plate vehicles coming from different districts, which act in contradiction with the legislation and regulations, will continue frequently..



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