Information was given for the prohibited parking lots in Kocaeli

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, continues to work to minimize the problem of parking as well as to solve the traffic problem.

In order to alleviate the traffic load in Baghdad and Turan Güneş Streets, a two-way parking ban was imposed on the street. Metropolitan Municipality police teams visited the shopkeepers in Bağdat and Turan Güneş Street one by one, and their vehicles were not on the street. Kadıköy Informed about the pulls to the parking lot. Izmit Kadıköy The 805-vehicle multi-storey car park built in the neighborhood provides free service with the decision taken by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality.

In line with the decision taken by the Metropolitan Municipality, measures are taken for illegal parking in Turan Güneş and Bağdat Streets. Metropolitan Traffic Police teams warn the vehicles parked on the street and perform the necessary transactions. Tradesmen in the region are informed by the police teams and warned that parking is not on the roadside but on the parking lot. In order to reduce the traffic load on the specified streets and prevent illegal parking Kadıköy The multi-storey car park located in the neighborhood provides citizens 7/24 free of charge.

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