Between Alacabel Tunnel and Konya-Alanya Will Fall to 2 Time

Between alacabel tunnel and konya alanya will fall to the hour
Between alacabel tunnel and konya alanya will fall to the hour

The ongoing viaduct on the Antalya-Konya highway and the Alacabel Tunnel with 7 bin 300 meters will end the winter road trip in the Taurus Mountains and fall to 2 hours between Konya and Alanya.

Located in the Hadim district of Konya, on the Taurus Mountains, Turkey's first high-foot Eyiste Viaduct will reduce the distance between Alanya and Konya to 2 hours. The 7-meter-long Alacabel Tunnel, which is under construction on the Antalya-Konya highway, will put an end to the grueling journey in the Taurus Mountains due to its type and icing during the winter months. Konya will be the third city to reach the underground metro with an investment of 300 billion dollars. AK Party Deputy Chairman and Konya Deputy Ahmet Sorgun, together with AK Party Provincial President Hasan Angı, examined the important projects that are still under construction. Giant projects, most of which are planned to be completed in 5, will add value to Konya. Work continues on the 2019-meter-long Alacabel Tunnel, which was started two years ago on the Antalya-Konya highway.

The Konya-Antalya road, which is the main artery on the north-south axis of Turkey's highway network, receives heavy snowfall in winter months. The Alacabel Tunnel and its connection roads, the construction of which started two years ago in the location known for its curved roads, slope and ramp, will cost 320 million liras. Located on the route that carries the load of the traffic axis between Ankara and Antalya, the tunnel will put an end to the painful journey due to the type and icing that is effective in the winter months, and will provide a safe and comfortable journey. The project, which aims to raise the current road standard and increase traffic safety, is expected to be completed and put into service on October 12, 2019. The project consists of 7.36 kilometers in total, 11.8 kilometers of double-tube tunnels and 19.2 kilometers of divided roads for the tendered section.


The work of the Eyiste Viaduct, which started to be built in the Eyiste Creek on the Taurus Mountains in the Hadim district of Konya, continues. When the work on the viaduct connecting the Central Anatolia Region and the Mediterranean Region is completed, it will be reduced to 2 hours between Alanya and Konya. second among the world's largest viaducts, Turkey's first high viaduct will be footed Eyis thousand 372 meters in total length of the Viaduct. According to the balanced cantilever method of construction heights of 42 meters and ranging from 165 meters 8 mid-foot and 2 edge Viaduct in projected Eyis on foot next to this property by Turkey's highest foot elevation with road bridge position.


The completion date of Eyiste Viaduct, whose construction works started on 29 December 2016, with a contract value of 229 million 472 thousand 975 TL, is envisaged to be 2020. Eyiste Viaduct in the construction work; 400 thousand cubic meters of excavation, 140 thousand cubic meters of concrete, 48 thousand tons of iron / reinforcement will be manufactured. Construction work for 250 people personnel incessantly for sustained Eyis With the Viaduct was completed, when Turkey's northern and one of the major arteries of the southern axis of Konya-Let-Tashkent-Alanya itinerary, traveling comfort and also important to upgrade and economies of road standards with driving safety contribution is aimed at.


Fast train transport to Konya from the comfort and safety at the beginning of the first provinces in Turkey, with the urban metro transportation in Turkey after Istanbul and Ankara will be the third city. While the work of the subway project from Selcuk University Campus to the High Speed ​​Train Station continues, the tender, which is 22 kilometers from Meram to the university, costing 5 billion liras is being held this year.

YHT station will open in 2019

It was planned to build a YHT station in the wheat market area, integrating with the light rail system project of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, and its construction was started. The building design of the train station, which is under construction, will be the first in Turkey. While the new YHT station, which is under construction, is planned to be opened in the first months of 2019, the construction work of the logistics center continues rapidly. The logistics center, which will be put into service in 2019, will provide a significant advantage to the city in logistics transportation. – Source MORNING

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