Special Savior Tool for Akçaray Trolley

With the tram project implemented by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, hundreds of thousands of passengers have reached the rail system. City-east-west-axis Intercity Bus Terminal district to the Sekapark Science Center front of the tram, citizens are attracting great interest. As such, the Metropolitan Municipality does not neglect to take measures to prevent disruption of the tramway transportation.


In this context, the Department of Transportation for the use of tramway vehicles has developed a specially developed trolley towing vehicle. Both the rubber wheel and the metal wheel can move on the track, the vehicle in case of malfunction, tramway or tramway can reach the tramway. The tire is powered by a metal wheel on the track.


The rescuer vehicle can take the tram vehicle connected to the system behind and in front of it by pulling it from the tramway route to the maintenance center. The towing vehicle, which has a strong traction with its 4 × 4 feature, can tow the tram at a speed of 25 kilometers with load and 50 kilometers per hour without load. This feature is important in taking the tram back into service quickly. The vehicle, which has a towing capacity of 50 tons, has a generator for line maintenance.

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