Harran University Osmanbey Campus Rail System Must

Harran University Osmanbey Campus Rail System Condition: Şanlıurfa Harran University Rector. Dr. Ibrahim Halil Mutlu, '' 22 Harran University '' at a press conference with the name of the university gave information about the done. Rector Dr. Halil Mutlu underlined that the problems related to transportation to the campus can be solved by light rail system.
Osmanbey campus at the meeting organized by the last information about the university Rector. Dr. Ibrahim Halil Mutlu, Harran University in the world ranking compared to the top five universities, '' We are still counting in our place, '' he said. Rector Dr. Happy words, '' one of the things that pulls us down the university rankings in the graduate program to be less students, '' he added. Speaking at the 600 bedded hospital in Osmanbey Campus, Rector Mutlu said that the hospital, which was laid on 94-95 basis, could be completed in 2015 if the supplementary allowance was given. Mutlu also pointed out that the number of hospital beds in Şanlıurfa could be insufficient despite the hospitals to be constructed.
Rector Mutlu mentioned the transportation problem of Osmanbey Campus and stated that light rail system is a must for the solution of transportation problem. Professor Dr. Mutlu attributed the inability to integrate the university into the city.
Rector of Harran University Dr. Mutlu showed the members of the press to the campus after the meeting.


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