35 Izmir

Subcontractor Company Run Out in İZBAN, Workers Remain Creditor

When the subcontractor carrying out the cleaning works in İZBAN got lost with the money deposited in the account of the company, nearly 200 workers could not get their salaries. With the government staff regulation, it was revealed once again that the words 'we finished the subcontractor in the public sector' did not reflect the truth. TCDD and [more…]


Sea Bus Launches in Lake Van

Van Metropolitan Municipality's sea buses 14 starts their flights from April to April. Van Lake's comfortable transportation network with the arrival of the sea bus in the spring will be restarted. Department of Transportation [more…]


New Connection Road Between Tuzla and Çayırova

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues its studies on transportation. Convenience of transportation is provided by applying new projects to the regions needed throughout the city. In this context, the Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to implement the connection road transportation project between Çayırova and Tuzla Şifa Mahallesi. [more…]

46 Sweden

World's First Electric Path Opened in Sweden

To eliminate the problem of charging and driving range of electric cars, the Swedish eRoadArlanda has redesigned the company 2 a kilometer way to recharge the vehicles. Fossil fuel in 2030 thanks to the technology that cost one to fifty of the cost of the tram [more…]

34 Istanbul

IETT'den Additional Festival for Tulip Festival

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has put into service additional bus and ferry lines again this year as part of the Tulip Festival, which lasts throughout April. As part of the Tulip Festival, you can visit Emirgan, which is the main event area where citizens can see the most beautiful tulips. [more…]

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