Samsun Light Rail Line

Map of Samsun Tramvay
Map of Samsun Tramvay

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Samsun Light Rail System line, main line route 1.Etap Project starts in the university area and ends in Gar station area. 10.10.2010 was put into service in 1. The main line length of the Stage Rail System line is 15.695 meters, the storage area is 1.900 meters and the workshop building is 404 meters long. 14 kilometers of the line is closed and 1.5 kilometers are designed as open lines. There are 1 scissors in the 8 area on the 74.

1.Etap Rail System Line has 21 passenger terminal. Pedestrian level crossings are available to ensure safe passage of pedestrians at all stations.

1. The 3 pieces of viaduct 5 pieces of pedestrian overpass are located on the main railway line. These overpasses; Yeni Mahalle- Atakent is located between Ömdensi-Türk-iş, Türk-iş-Mimarsinan, Atakum Municipality-Denizevleri, Denizevleri-Karayolları stations.

In 10.10.2016, Gar - Tekkeköy 2.Etap Rail System Line was opened and started to serve and 8 Panorama brand built in Bursa, the first domestic tram of our country was used in Samsun. With the 2.Etap Rail System Line, additional 15 stations were built and the Rail System line increased to approximately 29 km and the number of stations increased from 21 to 36. On the 2.Etap Rail System Line, 4 units are built over the upper pass.

As of today, the 6 is about 3 km long. Stage 19 May University In-Campus Rail Line extension works are carried out by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs.

Map of Samsun Tram

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