Chairman Şahin: "Rail System Will Bring Prestige to Omü"

presidential sahin rail system will gain prestige
presidential sahin rail system will gain prestige

'Rail will add prestige!' Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Zihni Şahin visited OMÜ. Chairman Zihni Şahin supervised the rail system works with Rector Sait Bilgiç and visited Teknopark.

Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Zihni Şahin made a number of visits and examinations at Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMÜ). President Zihni Şahin, Rector. Dr. With Sait Bilgiç, he studied on-site rail system studies on campus, then visited Teknopark.

President Zihni Şahin is the first Rector of OMU Prof. Dr. He met with Sait Bilgiç at the Rector's office. During the visit, where mutual exchange of ideas and opinions were made, Rector Prof. Dr. Sait Bilgiç informed Metropolitan Mayor Zihni Şahin about the activities, developments and research at the university. Chairman of mind Sahin, stating om Device is one of the universities in Turkey, "the university as we have always beside Metropolitan Municipality and its supporters, will continue to be," he said.


President Zihni Şahin then Rector Sait Bilgiç, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Kuran and Secretary General Assoc. Dr. With the Menderes Kabadayı, the Rail System, which is under construction, examined the work on site. Mayor Şahin said, “We are excited to extend the Black Sea's only light rail line to OMU. The route of the light rail system, which is served by 36 trams at 29 stops, is now extended by 5.2 kilometers and now within OMÜ. Test drives of the trams continue. The works will be completed as soon as possible and the rail system will be at the service of our people within OMU. ”


Emphasizing that the light rail system is a 'prestige' project for Samsun, Mayor Şahin said, “This project will now bring prestige to OMÜ. The rail system built within the OMU campus will also provide a great relief and ease of transportation in this area when it is completed with its viaducts, overpass, tube passage, and steel bridge. Good luck already. ”


Rector Sait Bilgiç said in his statement: “As OMÜ management, we are delighted to come to an end in the rail system works initiated for each individual, especially our students, and most importantly for the people of Samsun to have a more comfortable and easier transportation opportunity. During the activities on campus, all kinds of inspections and other procedures were meticulously performed. Our trams will be put into service as soon as possible. ”

President Zihni Şahin later visited Teknopark and received information about the studies from Rector Sait Bilgiç.



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