How Many People Work in TCDD?

Adana TCDD Train Station Telephone Numbers
Adana TCDD Train Station Telephone Numbers

The performance report issued by TCDD was announced to work in a total of ten people at the relevant public institution.

ulaåÿtä ± research, maritime and haberleåÿ on bakanlä ± Aya ± which is located, and activities continue without a break bã¼nye TCDD new beds ± RÄ ± mlarä ± iron yollarä ± from millions person of taåÿä ± maktadä ± to every year, differentiation ± point run. While TCDD continues its investments, it also provides information to the public about its annual activity reports.

When we look at the performance program shared with the public through the official website of TCDD, it was learned how many staff work in the relevant public institution. Well, how many personnel are working in TCDD and how many personnel are working in the partner organizations of TCDD.


When the Republic of Turkey State Railways official website're looking at the performance of the program shows that the number of people working in the institution concerned. Accordingly, 644 personnel are employed in permanent positions in TCDD, 8.034 in contract titles and 5.586 as workers, and the total number of personnel 14.264 learned to be. Again, information was provided on the partnerships of TCDD.

According to this

  • Employee at TÜLOMSAŞ A.Ş. 1.450 staff
  • Employee at TÜVASAŞ A.Ş. 1.84 staff
  • Employee at TÜDEMSAŞ A.Ş. 1.227 staff
  • Employee at TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. 10.618 staff

and the relevant data belongs to last year, so the appointments made in 2017 should be added to the number of personnel in this data. However, since there is no recruitment of a large number of personnel, the number of personnel employed in the related institutions is on average in these neighborhoods.

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