World Giant Chinese Bank Has Glanced at Kanal Istanbul

The world's giant Bank of China, the giant had aspired to the financing of projects in Turkey, including Istanbul Channel also found. The Bank Turkey General Manager Li Ruojia "We want to see the bridge by providing funding for infrastructure projects in Turkey," he said.

The world's leading financial and banking giants Bank of China (BOC), which included certain routes at the beginning of the week Canal Istanbul is interested in infrastructure projects in Turkey. BOC General Manager of Turkey affiliate Ruojia Li, China's 'One Belt, One Way' initiative in which the most important countries stating that they aspire to the financing of infrastructure investments in Turkey "BOC wants to see the bridge task by providing funding for infrastructure projects in Turkey. Chinese companies will participate in these projects as investors or contractors and our bank will be a financing partner in these projects. ” Li, Turkey's growing economy and said it was an important country with a young population.

BoC's a long-term investor, no pointing Li in Turkey, the bank not only the Turkish economy's long-term presence in Turkey, but also the economies of other countries that are part of the initiative told us that they believe will support. Ruojia Li said, "In recent years, the global market continues to evolve and Turkey markets. But as a long term investor in Turkey, the Turkish economy and Turkey strongly believe in the long-term future of bilateral relations between China, "he said.


Ruojia Li, China's "One Belt, One Way" initiative in taking investment decisions in Turkey said that the most important factor, the Silk Road, an important part of the initiative aimed at the revitalization that Turkey drew attention. Ruojia Li continued: "Also, China is Turkey's second largest trading partner. Bilateral trade between China and Turkey, in recent years the volume of investment and diplomatic relations between the two governments in tandem with the great effort we observe that continued to rise. BOC preparing their operations in Turkey, has been welcomed by the governments of China and Turkey and was encouraged. Having a young population, Turkey's economy would have meant a growing 10 next year. A growing economy for a bank is the right place for business opportunities. ”

2.5 billion dollar resource before banking permit

Bank of China (BOC), General Manager of Turkey affiliate Ruojia Li said: "Even before the banking permit in 2011-2016, the BOC Group 2.5 billion dollars helped finance local projects and corporate customers in Turkey. We have put considerable effort in encouraging Chinese entrepreneurs to our preparation phase for the banking and financial institutions in Turkey to increase bilateral trade volume of China and Turkey's economy and introducing entrepreneurs to make more investments in Turkey. "

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