Cable Car and Rail Transport System to Çiftehan

The fourth meeting of the Niğde Provincial General Assembly in January 2018 was resolved in the meeting room of the Special Provincial Administration Provincial General Assembly building, under the chairmanship of Bülent Küçüktuna, on the agenda. Special Provincial Administration Province [more…]

16 Bursa

BURULAŞ's target is 500 thousand passengers per day

We hosted BURULAŞ General Manager Mehmet Kürşat Çapar at the Local Governments program the previous evening. Çapar is a bureaucrat who transferred from Istanbul to Bursa. Capar's answer to the question of whether you were able to visit Bursa is quite interesting! .. I could not find a chance yet ... [more…]


Teleferic Formula for Yayla Tourism

The government is looking for new formulas to develop highland tourism. One of them is the project of providing transportation by cable car without destroying the green by roads. Numan Kurtulmuş, Minister of Culture and Tourism, told Milliyet about the new studies planned for plateau tourism. [more…]

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