22 Edirne

Uzunkopru OSB, BALO and Silk Road

Prime Minister 2017 inaugurated the Kars-Tbilisi-Baku railway project in October and 30 gave the good news to Edirne in December. The public has misunderstood the perception that these train projects are focused on transporting passengers. [more…]


You Can Pedal For Your Future

Akkent-Karataş 416-412 was chosen as the pilot area within the scope of Sen You are De De Pedalla Project for the Future hazırlanan prepared by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality. Metropolitan, which will relax the city of veterans in terms of health, environment, transportation and economy, [more…]


THY, 3. Airport ready

Turkish Airlines Chairman Ayci, "We aim to be the best airline in the world," he said. 3 team gathered in Antalya. THY Chief Executive Officer Aycı, who will brainstorm for airport preparations, said, “ [more…]

06 Ankara

Ankara-Kayseri high-speed train will be 1,5 hours

Regarding the high-speed train project between Kayseri and Ankara, Minister of Environment and Urbanization Özhaseki said, “When this project is completed after 3 years, our citizen will be in Ankara in 1,5 hours by easily getting on the train from the old station building in Kayseri.” [more…]