Minister Arslan: “We are working to develop national and domestic products Bakan

Minister Arslan, inaugurated the Serhat Coding and Robotics Academy, which was put into service in Kars.

After the ribbon cutting, visiting the center and explaining to journalists, Arslan stated that the works to be done here are important and said:

"The reduction of dependence on foreign anywhere in Turkey, and the development of domestic national product and accordingly walking with confident steps on behalf of Turkey's 2023 and are doing a lot more business to the next destination. Today we see an example of it here and we live. With this academy, it is not only the coding education and software development, but also the output of the software and coding, and then converting it to the product and making this product available. Ak

Arslan stated that the point where the country comes from in science and technology is known to everyone and said Ağ Serhat Development Agency will give these trainings not only to Kars but also to young people in surrounding provinces such as Ağrı, Iğdır and Ardahan. We will prepare the future of this region for the future of our country in order to establish the future of the country. Ğ

Minister Arslan took the camera, took his photographer

Arslan crossed the Üçler Hill from the city's panoramic views. Arslan Vali Rahmi Dogan who examined the city center received information about the projects to be made.

Arslan, who asked the photographer Mehmet Aktas for his machine, took photographs of Aktas by saying im I'll shoot you late Ars and the views of Kars Castle.

After the shooting, Arslan handed the machine to Aktaş and said, ım See if I'm pulling well, do you have a good job? Arslan's witty remarks caused laughter.

Aktaş then photographed Minister Arslan and journalists in front of the Kars view.

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