MHP İnegöl District Chairperson's Response to a Transport Hike

MHP İnegöl District President Hayati Bedir criticized the İnegöl Public Bus hike, which started as of the previous day, said, "200 TL of the 72 TL hike made to the minimum wage is melted."

MHP Inegol District President Hayati Bedir said: eg As we all know, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) has decided to increase the transportation costs of İnegöl Private Public Buses that provide transportation in İnegöl city.

The return of the recent discount in the center of Bursa came to İnegöl as a hike and this caused a reaction by our citizens. The full boarding fee, which was 2 lira 60 kurus in Bursaray, fell to 2 lira 40 kuruş. For students, the fee of Bursaray, which is 1 lira 75 cents, was reduced to 1 lira 50 cents, while in İnegöl 2 lira was increased from 10 cents, 2 lira to 40 cents, student fee was increased from 1 lira 30 cents to 1 lira and 50 cents. What is the explanation and the reason why the public buses that go up to 50 kilometers in İnegöl are very close to the price of Istanbul, while the full boarding fees of the buses carrying passengers to the distance are 60 Turkish liras and 2 cents? "The people of the district, who are a bit happy with the new buses and more than 60% of them live with minimum wage, have been shaken by new hikes."

Stating that the hike for the minimum wage has melted, Bedir said, “We also made an calculation and we saw that the hike to the minimum wage in the past days will not have much effect on the citizens living in İnegöl. Because with the transportation hike, if a family of 4 uses a public bus every day for departure and arrival, they pay only 72 TL per month. 200 TL of the 72 TL hike made to the minimum wage is melted. Is this right or right? One thing is, when we go to traffic every day, we all see the traffic density. Now Inegol has failed to carry 67 thousand vehicles. While we need to direct our citizens to public transportation in order to reduce the traffic density, we need to encourage people to public buses, while traffic is also hit in a lock with hikes. ”

Saying that the prices should be added to our mileage in direct transportation, another one of the leading issues in transportation problems is that our citizens who live in Baykoca, Huzur, Akhisar and Alanyurt region go to their destination by transferring when they come to İnegöl and pay 2 times. This situation should be facilitated for our transfer citizens, as in Istanbul and various cities, and the prices should be minimized during the transfer journey. Valuable managers and municipal officials of Inegol and Bursa should analyze these situations well and give up this hike and provide convenience to our citizens traveling from distant places. In addition, this hike is a heavy hike and you will see the reaction in every field. ”

📩 20/12/2018 17:19

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