Citizen Pushes Nostalgic Tram In Düzce

The nostalgic tram that cost 1 million 700 thousand TL has been damaged in Büyük Cami location. After the repair work lasted about 1 hours, the tram continued from where it left off.

1 month before the tram service in Düzce malfunctioned! The nostalgic tram between 15 July Martyrs 'Park and Düzce Municipality within the scope of the Pedestrianization Project of Istanbul Street, failed to reach the level of the 15 July Martyrs' Park.

Due to the failure of the PTT in front of the stopping vehicle traffic, the tram, citizens and police teams pushed through the gate and pushed the normal flow of traffic was provided.

According to the instructions received from the people who contacted the phone of the trolley of the faulted tram, he continued his campaign by repairing the tram.

Within the scope of the pedestrianization project, the nostalgic tram that was launched in Istanbul Caddesi on the street of the famous Istiklal Street in Istanbul, was the cost of the municipality with the locomotives and rails.

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