Tradesman showing off his tram line response in Bursa closed road

During the construction of the T-2 tram line, which will provide rail transportation between Kent Square and Bursa Intercity Bus Terminal in Bursa, the shopkeepers who closed the front of their shops closed the road for reaction.

Due to the T-2 tram line work that will provide rail transportation between Kent Square and the terminal in the central Osmangazi District of Bursa, the direction of Kent Square from Yalova Road and the side road where the businesses are closed to traffic.

For this reason, the shop owner, who stated that they could not make frit, first stopped working with their cars by intercepting their work machines. Then he went down to Yalova Road and closed the road to traffic.

Seeing that the road closed Mobeseden Bursa police, sent a large number of teams.

The teams, who came to the scene, talked to the shop owners and opened the road to traffic again. A shop owner reacting to Bursa Metropolitan Municipality due to the work said, “Our shops are closed. The customer is not coming. We cannot pay our rent, we cannot give our employees money. We are very victims. We cannot even do Siftah. ” After the police teams convinced, the shopkeepers who ended their actions returned to their jobs.

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