16 Bursa

Dent in high speed train construction in Bursa

A collapse occurred during the installation of scaffolding on the columns of the viaduct during the construction of the high-speed train near the Barbaros neighborhood of the Demirtaş district of Bursa's Osmangazi District. The collapse occurred at around 17.20 in the evening today, Osmangazi District Demirtaş. [more…]


Sakarya pilot province

Sakarya has been selected as a pilot province on the spread of bicycles. Fatih Pistil, Head of Transportation Department, said: ız We will increase our bicycle path network over 30 kilometers. We will make the bike part of integrated transport. Bicycle paths [more…]

249 Republic of Sudan

Cooperation between TCDD and Sudanese Railways

TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın, 16 October 2017 visited the Sudan Railways Foundation on Monday. Apaydın was accompanied by TCDD Affiliated Partners TÜLOMSAŞ, TÜVASAŞ and TÜDEMSAŞ General Managers. Within the scope of the interviews; especially [more…]

7 Russia

Fast train Kazan slowed down on the way

In the project of expanding high-speed train services in Russia, the possibility of a step back appeared. According to the media, “Moscow and Kazan speed train line announced to be built between cities KazanIt may never reach.” Russia Iron of Vedomosti newspaper [more…]

254 Kenya

Private mass transit

Discriminatory practices such as 'pink wagon' and 'pink bus' proposed to prevent harassment in public transportation did not solve the problem. Public transport has harassed and harassed many women in almost all countries of the world. [more…]


Tokat OIZ Will Expand

4 Tokat OSB, which provides employment opportunities for more than one thousand people and operates with an occupancy rate of 90 percent, will expand its production area in order to meet the demands of investors. 3 THOUSAND PEOPLE MORE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES [more…]


EDS Solution to Akçaray Tram Line

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Park by serving the people of Kocaeli Akçaray Tram line inspections are increasing. Already monitored by camera systems, do not even comply with traffic rules and park their vehicles on the tram line [more…]

35 Izmir

TCDD 3 Goodbye Dinner for Retired Persons

TCDD 3. The 2017 personnel who retired in the Regional Directorate during the 9 year were given a thank-you and farewell dinner on 18.10.2017 for their services and contributions to the institution. By the Directorate of Traffic and Station Service [more…]