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Response to Tram Criticism from Mayor Kocaoğlu

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu who spoke about the tram works that caused criticism due to the increase in traffic density in Izmir, KarşıyakaThere were similar reproaches during the construction of the tram. It's over and now our fellow countrymen are relieved. [more…]


Easy access from Sakarya Metropolitan

Metropolitan Municipality, Sakaryaspor'un 8 will play Sunday in October for the match to Kahramanmaraşspor will organize bus services to the stadium. Expeditions will serve from Democracy Square as of 15.00. Fatih Pistil, Head of Transportation Department of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, [more…]

34 Istanbul

Halic blew up tramway house prices

The tram project, which runs between Eminönü and Alibeyköy and crosses the Golden Horn coast, has multiplied the real estate prices in the district to 3. Apartment prices from 200 thousand pounds to 600 thousand pounds Tramway from Eminönü to Alibeyköy Bus Station in Istanbul [more…]

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Signature Ceremony of Western Anatolia Free Zone

Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci stated that as the government, they plan to establish free zones in different areas of expertise in Turkey, and said that the largest of these will be the e-commerce logistics free zone to be established near the third airport in Istanbul. in Izmir [more…]

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Free Metro in Istanbul! No Need To Read Card

If you take the metro from Bahçelievler station in Istanbul, you can travel without using an 'Istanbulkart' at all. How Does? With an elevator made for the disabled, the elderly and the sick. The cost of taking the metro in Istanbul is 2 liras and 60 cents, but to the metro [more…]

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Design wind will blow in İzmir

The “Good Design İzmir” event, organized for the second time this year under the leadership of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mediterranean Academy, starts with workshops on October 6. The program, which will take place in presentations, panels and exhibitions, will be held this year. [more…]