BTK to go out with loads Turkey Iron Silk Road

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan 21 made a statement on the activities of the Ministry on October 2017.

Seamless railway from London to Beijing with Iron Silk Road

Regarding the question of the BTK about the activities of the affiliated and related institutions of the Ministry and about the end of the program, he said: :

"BTK Silk Road from London to Beijing as the Iron Silk Road will make seamless and will allow you to go through all that cargo movement in Turkey. We will take money from every passing train. the origin of the cargo handled through Turkey will be distributed to other geographies that we will achieve revenue arising from logistics centers, that is why the project of the century. For this reason, the 30 will carry out the first official train from Baku in October with the participation of our President, Mr. Aliyev and the Prime Minister of Georgia. Bu

Load will be doubled

Armstrong continued his speech, "Make sure that your project and elleçliy tons of cargo with Turkey 26,5 years railways connection with this, it will bring to this project only twice. I do not count the income part, many parts of Turkey, we are now also included setting up logistics centers in Kars. These logistics centers will also have the opportunity to send the cargoes coming from the main corridor to the surrounding geographies, to handle and to process; therefore, did not originate from cargo transport only, that the disintegration of the surrounding geography or load of products on behalf of Turkey will contribute to the economy very seriously can go to other places. "he said.

We're going to write history by the first train.

Speaking of the importance of the line for Kars and the region, Minister Arslan said, Hatt Let's not think of it as freight and passenger transport. It is also a very important project for the revival of the economy on the routes it passes through. We are going to write a history with the first official voyage of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars in 30 in October. day. It's really a day of pride because I was in all of the processes, we were looking forward to see an opening of that. Our Lord, our country, our country, the people of our country, the most important of our Prime Minister, the President has much work; Let them live in the opening of auspicious, auspicious. ip He ended his words.

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