Apaydın: “World High Speed ​​Railway Congress Thanked Participants Ap

high-speed rail is the most important worldwide event held for the first time in Turkey and 10.UIC World Congress on High Speed ​​Rail in Congresium ATO in 08-11 May 2018 was held at the home of TCDD.

TCDD General Manager and UIC Vice President İsa ApaydınOn the 1000, one of the top representatives of UIC General Manager Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC President Renato Mazzoncini, railway infrastructure operators, railway train operators, railway suppliers, research institutes, universities, international organizations and sector stakeholders participated.

TCDD General Manager and UIC Vice President İsa Apaydın In his speech at the congress's closing, Turkey and have carried out this conference is very important for all countries engaged in high-speed rail operation in the world and stated that experience the joy of having made this great event host, 10.UIC World High Speed ​​Rail Congress and for his work and contribution to the Fair thanked all participants and contributors.

UIC 10. At the High Speed ​​Railway Congress, 30 has a parallel session, panel and round table meetings held under the theme of ler Sharing information for sustainable and competitive operations mel with the participation of at least 150 speakers from different countries. fair held.

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