Halic blew up tramway house prices

The tram project, which extends between Eminönü-Alibeyköy and the Golden Horn coastline, has doubled the property prices in the district to 3. Apartment prices 200 thousand pounds 600 thousand pounds output

The commencement of the construction of the tramway line from Eminönü to Alibeyköy Bus Terminal in Istanbul caused sudden changes in real estate prices in the region. Within the scope of the project, especially the construction of the construction sites on the Golden Horn coast in Eyüp on 3 month ago and the staking of the piles for the filling areas led to an increase in the real estate prices in the region. Real estate agents operating in the district of Eyup, especially last year 2 thousand pounds to sell for the apartments of the owners of the 3 thousand pounds wanted, the prices have tripled and swelling prices due to the sale stopped.

Ended a year with 3

Expressing that the sudden price increases have completed the region's viability, Canop Yavuz, owner of Setyap Real Estate, stated that there is no real appreciation in the region and that the owners of the property have doubled the prices with the commencement of transportation projects. In the last 5 years in the district, due to the intense urban transformation activities, Yavuz continued voicing a great mobility: The Eminönü-Alibeyköy tram project is an important project not only for Eyüp but also for Gaziosmanpaşa and Kağıthane. It was a good location for those who want to invest. Hence, the owners of the surrounding area expect an increase in the value of the big projects. Not only for sale houses, but also for rent a large price increase in question. Such sudden price change has completed the mobility in the region. Prices should return to normal course. The expectations of the owners are wrong. Mülk

The owner of the Ata Real Estate company operating in the region, Ugur Yilmaz, such as metro and tramway in every region where public transportation projects are causing price increases in the Golden Horn region, the situation is the same, he said. Yilmaz said that the new shopping centers and business centers in the vicinity of the Golden Horn attracted the white-collar people to the region. The square meter prices in the coastal region of 5 thousand pounds abruptly exceeded the 10 thousand liras. 200 is sold to XINXX BINA apartments sold in thousandth. 600 1 annually sold to 300 million units are sold to 1 million. This is not a real increase. In recent years, there is interest in the region for investment, but it does not apply to all structures. Here, close to the stops, with view and parking housing for their investment is paid. The price increase in other structures may not be in return, Diğer he said.

Demand dropped

Real estate consultant Muzaffer Koç, who stated that the tram project has entered the real estate advertisements given in the region with the stake of the piles in the region, said that with the physical emergence of the project, they thought to make more profit from the investments of the people in the region. Expressing that the price increase is not sustainable in this way, Koç stated that with the urban transformation, a lot of buildings have been constructed in the region and the demand is decreasing.

The project will cost 492 million liras

The tram project, which will cost 492 million pounds, is planned to be operational in 2019. There will be 14 passenger station in the project. When the project is completed; 30 minutes of estimated transport time along the line, the passenger capacity is expected to be 25 thousand passenger / hour (one way).

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