Eskişehir becomes the center of aviation and rail systems

Eskisehir in Turkey "Aviation and Rail Systems" is also rapidly becoming the pupil of Turkey ...
ALBA together with TAI Aeronautics Aeronautics and Air Supply and Maintenance Center of Turkey's most important facilities ...
In ere Rail Systems ize, TÜLOMSAŞ, whose name is not known very often despite the important works in the Organized Industrial Zone, especially in TÜLOMSAŞ, exists in the factories that operate as a subsidiary industry “
TUSAŞ Engine Industry (TEI), which entered the aviation sector by constructing engine parts of F-16 combat aircraft and producing some parts of it, renewed the target and renewed its gear. On the other hand, TEI, which has stepped into the international engine maintenance market, on the other hand, is engaged in the production of engines for Turkish fighter jets and unmanned aerial vehicles.
Reminding the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Project at Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım at the opening of the new facilities of ALP Aviation, he pointed out that this project is a joint project of NATO countries. He emphasized that the middle body of the aircraft in question will be built in TAI outside of America and reminded that he started production…
Prime Minister Yıldırım also stated that the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries, TUSAŞ, Alp Aviation and Lockheed Martin cooperated, thus collaborating with the private partners and the public sector as well as the global partners.
ALP Aviation is a source of pride for Eskişehir as TAI Hav
It will produce parts not produced worldwide at the new facilities opened by Prime Minister Yıldırım the day before Önceki
The important components of the “T70 Black Hawk” helicopters that will be produced at the opening facility will be produced mostly with domestic resources…
TUSAŞ said, “HÜRKUŞ started mass production by providing the necessary certificates for the training aircraft. ALP Aviation also carries out native design and original helicopter work. Currently, prototype studies are continuing…
Emphasizing that some parts required for the helicopter will be produced in cooperation with Alp Aviation, Aselsan, TUSAŞ and Lockheed Martin, Prime Minister Yıldırım said, “The product made here is not only made for the needs of our organizations. It will also be a product that will meet the needs of many countries in our region and in the world. We are proud to say that these facilities are the first in the world. So integrated, everything in one. "There is no such place elsewhere.
ALP Aviation, which does not avoid all kinds of sacrifices for the success of the project, has invested 90 million dollars. 11 will be able to export 500 million dollars annually when the plant is located in one thousand square meters area and starts production with full capacity X
Let's come to TÜLOMSAŞ Gel
The locomotives produced by the domestic parts of the 80 in TÜLOMSAŞ serve on the tracks T
Not only in Turkey it was also sent to European and Arab countries ...
The engine of Van Goleman Ferry was manufactured in TULOMSAS.
Now, if the local infrastructure is strengthened, High Speed ​​Train is preparing to produce the engine of the domestic Tank Altay Şimdi
For years serving organizations in Turkey in reviewing the Air Supply and Maintenance Center ...
There are also important parts of the aviation industry Burada
Because they are connected to the Air Force Command, that is to say they are not soldiers like TUSAŞ and ALP Aviation.
But the friends who work at the Air Supply and Maintenance Center tell the work they do.
Long story short Uzun
Eskişehir becomes the center of aviation and rail systems Esk
When the Rail Systems Test Center (URAYSİM) Project, which is started to be built in Alpu District, is completed, it will be over Eskişehir on the eyes of the world H

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