Application as a Revolution in Smart Traffic System in Izmir

Turkey's most comprehensive intelligent traffic system came to life in Izmir. For the first time, the new system, which controls and controls all main arteries of the city, is able to control the traffic. Izmir Transport Center (IZUM) called the heart of the center of the system of the doors of the center, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu'nun attended the information meeting was opened. Mayor Kocaoglu, such a comprehensive system said they were proud to be the first municipality to pass life in Turkey.

Smart, green and founded a city transport for disabled-friendly "Intelligent Traffic System" was implemented first time in Turkey by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Izmir Transport Center (IZUM) opened its doors to the press members for the first time, where all the main arteries of Izmir were controlled and controlled by 24 hours and the city traffic was managed. Intelligent intersections, traffic monitoring cameras, measurement, monitoring, violation detection systems, speed corridors, such as the center of the system that hosts tens of features, Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu'nun attended the meeting was introduced. The details of the system that provides control of the traffic of İzmir from one center, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Head Kader Sertpoyraz told.

61.5 cost $ 1 million
Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, in his assessment Following the presentation, 61 million 500 thousand TL mind of Intelligent Traffic System, which producer and science directory domain, stating that a product of participative management approach, the system they were the first municipality that applies in this context, Turkey told. Mayor Kocaoglu, Smart Traffic System infrastructure to be directed according to future needs, noting that the attention was noted:

Iz As the studies continue, we will solve our problems with more information flow and more comfortable traffic. We will be able to learn the places that are empty in the car parks by smart phone, the red light waiting times at the junctions will decrease. This will contribute to the economy as well as our citizens to go to where they want to go in a short time .. Pharmacies, health institutions in the system to take place in the system, traffic violators to determine the plate among the advantages of the system. Ekonom

Solution in rail system
Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, the big cities of the city center to come with special tools, emphasized that it became increasingly difficult and the solution of this is to direct people to mass transportation, he said. Mayor Kocaoglu, the public transportation in the city, the passenger density by directing the rail system, said they took important steps.

Stating that the work on the Konak Tramway is now at the last stage, Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu said:
"KarşıyakaThere were similar problems during construction. But it's over and now it's relieved. Our compatriots are pleased. We are already working on extending the line to Çiğli Katip Çelebi University and Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone. Konak Tram will end at Christmas. We believe that these complaints will be returned to satisfaction when they are finished. We have dedicated most of our investments to infrastructure investments over the years. When I took office, there was the 13.5 kilometer rail system, and the 11-70 thousand people were transported a day. Now the 75 is transported by a thousand passenger rail system. 650 - 800 will carry thousands of people with the introduction of Konak Tramway after the New Year. If we didn't make these investments, imagine that 850 is transported by a thousand people by bus. Think about what the city will become when the bus gets more traffic around 850. Narlıdere Metro tender preparations are over. Buca Metro is awaiting approval from the Ministry of Development. In 1000 we plan to lay the foundation. Our rail network is becoming 2018 kilometers this year. 178 km. With Buca Metro we will find 21 kilometers. Behind him there are many subway and tram suggestions in the Transportation Master Plan. By preparing their projects, we are really trying to weave the city with iron nets and transfer most of the transportation from above and below the ground to the rail system. ”

What does the Smart Traffic System bring?
The system won the eri best project award l among all the categories at the Intertraffic Fair in Amsterdam last year, and it will facilitate the daily lives of the people of İzmir, in addition to obtaining data that are of great importance for traffic engineering. With the WEB application, the traffic flow and density can be monitored by the city and the route selection can be made accordingly. The advantages of the. Full Adaptive System salın include reducing violations of the rules, reducing emissions, and reducing fuel and spare parts expenditures. The system will provide a more reliable vehicle and pedestrian traffic as well as the high efficiency of road capacities. Shortening travel times, accumulation at intersections and reduction of waiting times will be the most important return of the system.

Izmir people who want to make use of the system effectively, IOS and Android based operating system using smart phones, tablets and so on. download the free application titled ayı Izmir Transport Center cihaz.

Intelligent Management of Signalized Intersections: Traffic in intersection arms is generated automatically according to real-time data. All streets and intersections within the scope of intelligent traffic application in Izmir can be monitored from the center in Toros and the systems can be intervened. The system operates on the basis of real-time measurement of traffic loads at intersections and intersections and the creation of optimal signal plans based on measured values. In other words, the light times at the intersections are automatically adjusted by the computers according to the needs of the current situation, not in pre-planned arrangements.

Traffic Monitoring System: With the 103 camera installed in important transportation points of the city, the city traffic can be seen live both from İZUM and via mobile application and internet page.

Traffic Measurement System: The information obtained by the 'traffic measurement sensors' placed in the main arteries is analyzed by the system side and put into service of the drivers. Traffic estimates can be made until a week later.

Traffic violation systems: Speed ​​violation system, red light violation system, parking violation system and gabari (height) violation under 24 hours whether the drivers under the system headings act in accordance with the rules. The system required to work in coordination with the General Directorate of Security will come into force after the signature of the relevant protocol.

Roadside parking lots: By the sensors installed under the ground, the occupancy status of the roadside car parks can be determined by the system. Thanks to the mobile application that shows the empty parking places, the parking call problem ends.

Pedestrianized Region: Architect Kemalettin, 1 within the scope of the project. Cord, Karşıyaka Centrally controlled cork barriers were installed at the entrances and exits of pedestrianized areas such as the Bazaar, Kemeralti and the Martyrs of Cyprus. At what time, which vehicle can enter the plate reading system is controlled on the basis of working. Barriers are opened when firefighters, ambulances, emergency response vehicles and vehicles with license plates are approached.

Variable Message System: 'Variable Message Systems' can be used to inform drivers instantly.

Parking Management and Guidance System: The real time occupancy of 11.079 car park with total capacity of 65 in İzmir is obtained, the disabled vehicle capacity information is received and the navigation service is sent to the users with the web site, mobile application and parking information screens.

Speaking Pedestrian Button for the Disabled: The voice buttons for the visually impaired provide information on the street name, the shape of the junction, the traffic lights in the intersection, and sound and embossed. The volume is automatically adjusted to the surrounding noise up to 5 dB.

Public transport: One of the most important parts of the project is to provide facilities for public transportation. All 1500 buses were installed in cameras and passenger counters and vehicle computers on all doors. In this way, which bus driver, which bus, the number of passengers on the bus and the point where the bus can be detected with a single key. Information on when to reach which station can be accessed.

Accident and road closure information: If an accident or work due to the closing of the information and alternative routes through the system can be transferred to users.

Meteorological systems: Air temperature, road temperature, humidity, system, rain and wind information is delivered to the drivers via led screens and website.

In project scope;

402 Smart Junction
Traffic Monitoring Camera at 110 point,
201 Traffic Measurement System,
47 DMS (Variable Message System),
1500 Bus public transport management system
164 Fire brigade priority system
30 Meteorology Measurement System,
151 Red Light Violation System,
Parking Infringement System at 114
Speed ​​Corridor on 9 route,
At the 15 point, the Gauge Sensor System was installed. In total, the 1 cable was pulled over a million meters.

The heart of urban traffic: İZUM
Founded on 1300 m² and Izmir are managed from a single center of transportation Buca / in Izumi the Taurus building Turkey's first "Laser Video Wall" has control room that's used. The call center is 7 / 24. In order to follow the new developments in the name of traffic engineering, there are R & D rooms, a traffic museum with historical materials related to city traffic and technical-administrative work offices.

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