5 New Trambuses Arrived in Malatya

5 New Trambuses Arrived in Malatya: Chairman Çakır and AK Party Deputy Chairman and Malatya Deputy Öznur Çalık examined the newly purchased Trambuses.

In the trambus application that was implemented in Malatya in 2015 and serves between MAŞTİ and the University, 12 more trabuses were added to the number of 5 trabuses. It was also stated that 5 trabuses will come to Malatya in the coming months.

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ahmet Çakır and AK Party Deputy Chairman and Malatya Deputy Öznur Çalık, together with AK Party Provincial Chairman Hakan Kahtalı, made examinations on the newly arrived trambus vehicles. During the examinations accompanied by MOTAŞ General Manager Enver Sedat Tamgacı, information was given about the trabuses.

Cakir: Expedition interval will decrease from 8 minutes to 5 minutes

Mayor Ahmet Cakir, where his statement, secure, and they do work in the regeneration point of public transport for a comfortable transport, said: He said in this context, he realized for the first time TRAMBUS system in Turkey. Cakir, "There was some concern that because of the first in Turkey, but we decided to implement an efficient system in Malatya for Europe is that we have done in many cities in the study. In the first stage, we established the Trambus system on a 38 km route between MAŞTİ and the University. Our public transportation service between MAŞTİ - University, which we started to serve with 10 vehicles, increased to 2 vehicles with 12 vehicles purchased later. With 5 vehicles received, public transportation service will be provided with 17 vehicles as of now. We brought a certain comfort and quality to Malatya with Trambus in public transportation. "When we calculate the operating, fuel and maintenance costs in Trambus, there is a 75% saving compared to other vehicles of the same size."

Noting that university students demanded vehicles due to the intensity experienced and then they ordered 10 vehicles, Mayor Çakır said, “We received 10 of 5 vehicles. As of now, we are serving with 12 vehicles. The 5 newly purchased vehicles will also be included in the system in the coming days. After the delivery of our other 5 vehicles, our vehicles, which move every 8 minutes on the MAŞTİ - University line, will move every 5 minutes to prevent the intensity experienced ”.

Çalık: first service began in Malatya in Turkey

AK Party Deputy Chairman and Malatya Deputy Öznur Çalık made a short speech during the examination of the new vehicles and said, “We had people who said that Trambus is not suitable for Malatya during the first project design phase. But Metropolitan Mayor made clear that the technical team and very economical as a result of the studies, a tool that profitable both in terms of environmental knocked Malatya and Turkey. TRAMBUS first service began in Malatya in Turkey. We had Trambus trips with our students and citizens. We have seen that these journeys are both very comfortable and very comfortable. During these journeys, we saw the satisfaction of our citizens. Our university students had demands to increase the number of Trambuses due to the congestion. Our esteemed Metropolitan Mayor stated that this trouble will be resolved. Today, we have 5 vehicles and I would like to thank my Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, our General Manager and all my brothers and sisters who have contributed ”.

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