71 percent of Malat residents are satisfied with MOTAŞ's services

71 percent of Malatya residents are satisfied with the services of MOTAŞ: MOTAŞ, which carries out the public transportation service in Malatya, conducted a survey in March to measure customer satisfaction and learn about the demands.

In a statement from the motas, according to TurkStat data, which is 62% satisfaction in Turkey reminded the public transport; . It is seen that we have exceeded this level in our survey. 6 thousand people in a survey conducted by an independent organization in total 5 bin, thousand passengers in the trambus 11 satisfaction question was asked. As a result of the survey, it is concluded that the passengers are satisfied with our service in% 71 ratio.

In Malatya, we have taken customer requests and complaints with the survey we initiated in order to maximize customer satisfaction in public transportation. The demands and complaints we receive will be reflected in our decisions regarding public transportation. We will consider these demands in every decision we take. Ala
MOTAŞ officials stated that the survey will illuminate the front of the decisions to be taken and provided detailed information about the survey. In the survey study, questions such as waiting times at stops, sufficiency of numbers of flights, security of buses, bus occupancy rates, sign and routing at stops, adequacy of waiting and seating areas at stops were asked.

Waiting times at the desired level in the pauses, while the passengers answer the question "68" is "appropriate", while the number of voyages are enough, the passengers of the question "% 63" positive, bus occupancy rates are appropriate, the question of the passengers 55 "appropriate" replied.

The 66 of the respondents stated that the seating and waiting areas at the stations were sufficient, the 72 at the stops was sufficient for routing and marking at the stops and the 84 was safe for the buses.
11 82 of the passengers participating in the survey, 83 stated that they are satisfied with the cleanliness of the vehicles, 81% of staff attitudes and behaviors, XNUMX staff said they were satisfied with the communication with the customer.

In addition, 70 stated that they did not have any communication problems in transmitting complaints and suggestions to MOTAŞ. While 56 expressed their satisfaction with communication, it was determined that the problems reached to MOTAŞ were solved to a great extent and XNUMX satisfaction was the result. MOTAŞ officials said that they had accelerated the establishment of a call center, which had been started earlier in order to move this level higher.

Another result of the survey is customer satisfaction for buses. This was reflected in the survey as% 69.
On the other hand, 80 's car is not the car of the survey participants, the 8' s special car is limited to the possibility of traffic, the 12 's special vehicle with the possibility of traffic, but the public transportation means more secure and comfortable because it finds preferred specified.

The survey results were evaluated and MOTAŞ officials; U Customer satisfaction in buses is reflected in surveys as% 69.
It was determined that passenger satisfaction was the subject with low satisfaction rate regarding trambus. The work on the purchase of trambus, announced by our Metropolitan Mayor Ahmet Çakır, was accelerated. Hopefully, as soon as possible, we make the purchase of vehicles that will minimize passenger density.
When we look at the results of the survey, we see that our company has an average satisfaction rate of% 71. This is a result, higher than the average in Turkey. In light of the results we have achieved, we are aiming to carry this result even higher.

To keep the pulse of our passengers, in time to respond to varying demands on time, such surveys will continue in certain periods, ı he said.

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